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Laboratory director: Yu Lin: 35 years old, Professor, Dean of College of light industry and chemical engineering, mainly engaged in research work in the fields of clean catalytic reaction and automobile exhaust cleaning process. In 1994, he graduated from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics with a doctor's degree of science. In the same year, he went to France for post doctoral research.As the project host, he has undertaken or completed 13 scientific research projects of national, provincial and horizontal projects.Nearly 100 papers have been published in domestic and foreign authoritative academic journals and international academic conferences. Among them, 13 papers have been included in the three major indexes, and 2 invention patents have been applied, one of which has been authorized.

Director of the Academic Committee: Lin Liwu, Professor, Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in catalytic chemistry


Relying on the school of light industry and chemical engineering of Guangdong University of technology, the Key Laboratory of clean chemistry technology was established by the former Laboratory of Chemical Engineering Research Institute, chemical engineering and process laboratory, organic chemistry laboratory, biological engineering laboratory, etc., with the academic background of Applied Chemistry doctoral program and provincial key supporting disciplines of Applied ChemistryThe project was approved for the construction of key scientific research laboratory of the Department of education with a grant of 500000 yuan and a supporting School of 2.5 million yuan.At the time of establishment, there were 23 members of the academic echelon of the laboratory, including 9 with senior titles and 11 with deputy senior titles. There were mainly three research directions of clean catalytic materials and reactions, separation and synthesis of natural products and clean production technology of fine chemicals.

For a long time, laboratory researchers have adhered to the high starting point of academic frontier, closely linked with the needs of local economic construction and social development, and adhered to the road of combining production, teaching and research. From 1998 to 2003, they undertook 7 National Natural Science Foundation projects, more than 50 provincial and ministerial projects and other categories, won 8 provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards, applied for 9 national invention patents, and passed the provincial level15 achievements have been identified, 12 monographs / teaching materials have been published, and more than 400 academic papers have been published in authoritative journals at home and abroad, of which more than 50 are included in the three major indexes.More than 10 application achievements have been transferred, which has played an important role in the economic construction of Guangdong Province.