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Qiu Weiqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee




Deputy Secretary of the Party committee: Qiu Weiqing, to assist the Secretary in charge of undergraduate student work, alumni work and graduate student work.Qiu Weiqing, male, Han nationality, born in Guangdong Province in 1974. Master of engineering, assistant researcher.He has been awarded the title of "advanced worker in the 8th National University Games" by the provincial education department, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, the "outstanding contribution award" awarded by the Asian organizing committee and the Asian disabled organizing committee, and the "advanced village cadres" in the "double arrival" work of poverty alleviation and development in schools.He presided over the "Research on the construction path of experimental teaching demonstration center in science and engineering colleges" of the laboratory research association of the Provincial Department of education, and the "great moral education project" (phase I) "Research on the safety education system of university laboratory based on practice education".


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