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Ji Shaomin


Professor Ji Shao min

College: College of light industry and chemical engineering

Tutor category: Doctoral / Master Supervisor


Research direction:

Organic photoelectric material, light-emitting molecular probe;

Triplet photosensitizers are mainly used in up conversion luminescence and photodynamic therapy;

Lithium / sodium storage materials

Personal introduction:

Shaomin, female, doctor, Professor, doctoral supervisor, young Zhujiang scholar of Guangdong Province, graduated from Dalian University of technology in 2011, and successively went to Melbourne University in Australia and Regensburg University in Germany to engage in post doctoral research, mainly engaged in organic photoelectric materials, up conversion luminescent materials, luminescent molecular probes, organic lithium / sodium storage materials, etcMore than 90 SCI papers were published, and h-index was 39.He won the first prize of science and technology of Liaoning Province (ranking the second), and the special prize of natural science academic achievements of Liaoning Province (ranking the first).Served as the reviewer of frontier in chemistry Supramolecular Chemistry Journal Review editor and ACS, RSC, Elsevier database of several journals, member of the Chinese chemical society.He is an expert in letter evaluation of National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is an expert of science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, science, technology and Industry Office of Guangdong Province for national defense, and Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau.

Education background:

2006 - 2011State Key Laboratory of fine chemical engineering, Dalian University of technology, doctor of engineering, major in Applied Chemistry,

2002 - 2006School of chemical engineering, Hebei University of technology, Bachelor of science, major in Applied Chemistry.

Work experience:

2018 -So far, Professor, doctoral supervisor, School of light industry and chemical engineering, Guangdong University of Technology

2019 - 2020Secondment of Guangdong Provincial Office of science, technology and industry for national defense

2015 - 2018Associate Professor, School of light industry and chemical engineering, Guangdong University of Technology

2011 - 2015Lecturer and master tutor, School of materials science and engineering, Xiangtan University

2013 - 2014Postdoctoral, University of Regensburg, Germany

2012 - 2013Postdoctoral, University of Melbourne, Australia

Major Honors:

2019First prize of the 8th Guangzhou "win in Guangzhou" and Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District college students entrepreneurship competition (instructor and bole Award)

2019The second prize of the 15th "Challenge Cup" of Guangdong Province (instructor)

2019The fourth "business creation Cup" Entrepreneurship Challenge and the Fifth China Internet plus Innovation Competition Award for the creative group of the Guangzhou industry selection competition (excellent innovation and entrepreneurship tutor)

2017Outstanding communist party member of Guangdong University of Technology

2016Young scholars of Pearl River in Guangdong Province

2016First prize of science and technology of Liaoning Province (ranking second)

2013Excellent doctoral dissertation in Liaoning Province

2011Special prize of natural science academic achievements of Liaoning Province (ranking first)

2011Dalian Natural Science excellent academic paper special prize (ranking first)

Scientific research projects in charge:

1.General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, regulation of polymer glass transition temperature on solid state triplet annihilation upconversion luminescence efficiency (21975053)

2.Development and research of D-A thermal activated delayed fluorescent OLED display luminescent material (2019b1515120023), a key project of Guangdong foundation and application foundation joint fund

3.Guangdong Provincial Department of education characteristic innovation project, construction of high efficiency triplet annihilation upconversion luminescent materials and its application in solar cells (2018ktscx058)

4.Guangzhou Science and technology project, synthesis of near infrared absorption organic triplet photosensitizer and its application in photodynamic therapy (201707010243)

5.Guangdong Young Pearl River scholars funding scheme (gdups2016)

6.Synthesis and application of triplet annihilation upconversion luminescent materials

7.Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, research and application of triple state annihilation photon up conversion materials coated with nano capsules (51202207)

Published papers:

1. Zafar Mahmood, Maria Taddei, Noreen Rehmat, Laura Bussotti, Sandra Doria, Qinglin Guan,

Shaomin Ji,*Jianzhang Zhao,* Mariangela Di Donato,* Yanping Huo, and Yong Heng Xing*, Color-Tunable Delayed Fluorescence and Efficient Spin−Orbit Charge Transfer Intersystem Crossing in Compact Carbazole-Anthracene-Bodipy Triads Employing the Sequential Electron Transfer Approach, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2020, 124, 5944−5957.

2. Hui Liang , Shanshan Sun, Mahmood Zafar, Zhanxiang Yuan, Yuye Dong, Shaomin Ji *,Yanping Huo*, Ming-De Li*, Jianzhang Zhao*, Tuning the SOCT-ISC of bodipy based photosentizers by introducing different electron donating groups and its application in triplet-triplet-annihilation upconversion, Dyes and Pigments, 2020, 173, 108003.

3. Zhan Yingying, Yang Zhiwen, Tan Jihua, Qiu Zhipeng, Mao Yuanyou, He Jia, Yang Qingdan, Ji Shaomin*, Cai Ning, Huo Yanping*, Synthesis, aggregation-induced emission (AIE) and electroluminescence of carbazole-benzoyl substituted tetraphenylethylene derivatives, Dyes and Pigments, 2020, 173, 107898.

4. Guowei Chen, Wen-Cheng Chen, Shaomin Ji*, Peiqi Zhou, Ning Cai, Yingying Zhan, Hui Liang, Ji-Hua Tan, Chengqiang Pan and Yanping Huo *, Polymorphic mechanoresponsive luminescent material based on a fluorene–phenanthroimidazole hybrid by modulation of intramolecular conformation and intermolecular interaction, CrystEngComm, 2020, 22, 2147–2157.

5. Fangdi Dong, Huiyan Lai, Yun Liu, Qiuhong Li, Huahui Chen, Shaomin Ji*, Jianye Zhang*, Yanping Huo*, Highly selective isomer fluorescent probes for distinguishing homo-/cysteine from glutathione based on AIE, Talanta, 2020, 206, 120177.

6. Jingwen Xiong, Zongzhi Li, Shaomin Ji*, Chengqiang Pan,Wenjin Ji, Qi Li, Yanping Huo*, Recyclable fluorescent chemodosimeters based on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives for highly sensitive and selective detection of mercury(II) in aqueous media and test strips, Spectrochim. Acta A, 2019, 218, 196–205.

7. Ling Li, Xue Zhang, Lishan Fu, Qiming Wang, Shaomin Ji*, Mingxing Wu*, Hongjie Wang*, Wenming Zhang*, Electrospun and hydrothermal techniques to synthesize the carbon-coated nickel sulfide microspheres/carbon nanofibers nanocomposite for high performance liquid-state solar cells, Composites Part B, 2019, 173, 107026.

8. Zhangrong Lou, Yuqi Hou, Kepeng Chen, Jianzhang Zhao, * Shaomin Ji, * Fangfang Zhong, Yavuz Dede,* Bernhard Dick, * Different Quenching Effect of Intramolecular Rotation on the Singlet and Triplet Excited States of Bodipy, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2018, 122, 185−193.

9. Xiong, Jingwen; Li, Zongzhi ; Tan, Jihua ; Ji, Shaomin*; Sun, Jianwei; Li, Xianwei; Huo, Yanping*, Two new quinoline- based regenerable fluorescent probes with AIE characteristics for selective recognition of Cu2+in aqueous solution and test strips, Analyst, 2018, 143, 4870–4886.

10. Kai Wang, Jiajun Li, Shaomin Ji,* Lujun Li, Zhipeng Qiu, Chengqiang Pan, Jianye Zhang* and Yanping Huo*, Fluorescence probes based on AIE luminogen: application for sensing Hg2+ in aqueous media and cellular imaging, New J. Chem., 2018, 13836-13846

11. Shaomin Ji*, Jie Ge, Daniel Escudero, Zhijia Wang, Jianzhang Zhao*, and Denis Jacquemin*. Molecular Structure-Intersystem Crossing Relationship of Heavy Atom-Free BODIPY Triplet Photosensitizers, J. Org. Chem., 2015 , 80, 5958-5963

12. Xijun Xu, Shaomin Ji *, Ruibo Gao and Jun Liu*, Facile Synthesis of P2-Type Na0.4Mn0.54Co0.46O2 as High Capacity Cathode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries, RSC Adv. 2015, 5, 51454-51460.

13. Xijun Xu,,Mingzhe Gu,Jun Liu*,In Situ Synthesis of MnS Hollow Microspheres on Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets as High-Capacity and Long-Life Anodes for Li- and Na-Ion Batteries,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,2015,7(37):20957-20964。Shaomin Ji*

14. Shaomin Ji, Huimin Guo, Wenting Wu, Wanhua Wu, Jianzhang Zhao*. Ruthenium(II) Polyimine-Coumarin Dyad with Non-emissive 3IL Excited State as Sensitizer for Triplet-Triplet-Annihilation Based Upconversion. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2011, 50, 8283-8286.

15. Shaomin Ji, Wanhua Wu, Wenting Wu, Huimin Guo, and Jianzhang Zhao*. Ru(II) polyimine complexes with the long-lived 3IL excited state or 3MLCT/3IL excited states equilibrium: efficient triplet sensitizers for low-power upconversion. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2011, 50, 1626-1629. Highlighted by Nature China, 2011, doi:10.1038/nchina.2011.4

Authorized patents:

1.A triplet photosensitizer, its preparation method and up conversion system, zl201710846176.2

2.A perylene based small molecule fluorescent probe and its preparation and application, zl201710797200.8

3.A fluorescent probe with AIE effect and its preparation method and application, zl201810210323.1

4.A photosensitizer, preparation method and application, zl201811183948. X

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