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Xie Xiaowei


Xie Xiaowei Professor xiexiaowei

College: College of light industry and chemical engineering

Tutor category: doctoral supervisor, master supervisor

Research direction: design and synthesis of new catalytic materials and Research on catalytic conversion process


Doctoral College: College of light industry and chemical engineering

Graduate School: College of light industry and chemical engineering

Personal introduction

(limited to 300 words)

He is a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the University. He has been selected as the provincial training object of the "new century outstanding talents support program" of the Ministry of education, the Guangdong Natural Science outstanding youth fund, the "ten million project youth top-notch talents" of the Guangdong special support program, and is engaged in the research on the design, synthesis and catalytic conversion process of catalytic new materialsHe has published many papers in high-level journals and journals. He cited more than 1000 times in SCI, and won the most influential international academic paper award of China in 2009.

Subject area

l 科学学位Chemical engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering Applied Chemical Industry catalysis

l 专业学位: Chemical Engineering

educational background

l 1997.09-2001.02 Liaoning Normal University, Bachelor of Applied Chemistry

l 2002.06-2010.04 State Key Laboratory of catalysis foundation, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D

work experience

l 2010.05-2011.12 Assistant researcher, National Laboratory of clean energy, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

l 2012.01-So far, Professor of light industry and chemical engineering, Guangdong University of technology

Major honors

l 2013Outstanding youth, natural science foundation of Guangdong Province

l 2013Excellent talents in the new century, Ministry of Education

l 2012, Pearl River science and technology new star, Guangzhou Science and Technology Information Bureau

l 2010Dalian Science and Technology Association

l 2009Special award of president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Main papers

l 1. Xiaowei Xie, Yong Li, Zhiquan Liu, Masatake Haruta, Wenjie Shen, Low-temperature oxidation of CO catalysed by Co3O4 nanorods, Nature, 2009, 458, 746-749.

l 2. Xiaowei Xie, Wenjie Shen, Morphology control of cobalt oxide nanocrystals for promoting their catalytic performance, Nanoscale, 2009, 1, 50-60.

l 3. Xiaowei Xie, Panju Shang, Zhiquan Liu, Yongge Lv, Yong Li, Wenjie Shen, Synthesis of nanorod-shape cobalt hydoxycarbonate and oxide with the mediation of ethylene glycol, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, 114. 2116-2123.

l 4. Yong Li, Xiaowei Xie, Junlong Liu, Mei Cai, Jerry Rogers, Wenjie Shen, Synthesis of α-Ni(OH)2 with hydrotalcite-like structure: precursor for the formation of NiO and Ni nanomaterials with fibrous shapes, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2008, 136, 398-408.

l 5. Yong Li, Baocai Zhang, Xiaowei Xie, Junlong Liu, Yide Xu, Wenjie Shen, Novel Ni catalysts for methane decomposition to hydrogen and carbon nanofibers, Journal of Catalysis, 2006, 238, 412-424.

intellectual property right

l 1. A regeneration method of low carbon alkane dehydrogenation catalyst, 201610221865. X

l 2. A low temperature hydrogenation catalyst forα,β- unsaturated aldehydes and its application, 201610221878.7

l 3. A catalyst for low temperature hydrogenation of maleic anhydride to succinic anhydride and its preparation method and application, 201510015653.1

l 4. A preparation method of methane aromatization catalyst, 201410021222.1, authorized

l 5. A preparation method of cobalt oxide with high thermal stability and large specific surface area, 201410031002.7, authorized

research project

l 1. Ministry of education's "new century talents support plan"

l 2. "Establishment of hydrogenation / dehydrogenation model catalyst library based on Pt (PD) - M bimetallic nanocrystals" supported by outstanding youth fund of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province

l 3. Controlled synthesis and catalytic performance of pt-m bimetallic nanocrystals

l 4. Research on Preparation and reaction performance of supported nano metal catalysts with special morphology

l 5. Regulation and characterization of surface atomic structure of pt-m nano catalyst and its dehydrogenation performance of low carbon alkanes

l 6. "Design, synthesis and application of core-shell structure nano reactor catalyst" project of high-level talents in Guangdong Province

l 7. Guangdong Provincial Education Department discipline construction project "special morphology catalyst system construction and performance research"

l 8. Design, synthesis and catalytic performance of core-shell nanostructured metal catalysts

l 9. "Special fund for research start-up of winners of excellent doctoral dissertation and President Award" of Chinese Academy of Sciences "design and synthesis of highly efficient selective hydrogenation catalysts with special morphologies"

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