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Li Chengchao


Professor Li Chengchao

Professor Li Chengchao, doctoral supervisor, young Pearl River scholar, Guangdong University of technology "Hundred Talents Program" to introduce talents.Currently engaged in the design and synthesis of new energy materials and energy storage research.We have made a series of innovative work in the field of low dimensional porous materials preparation and catalysis, and developed four kinds of universal low dimensional porous materials preparation technology and carbon composite material synthesis path.These technologies can effectively reduce the size of porous materials, improve the dispersion, mass transfer / diffusion efficiency, and significantly enhance the catalytic activity and energy storage performance of porous materials.So far, as the first author / corresponding author of JACS, advanced materials, advanced functional materials, nano energy, chemistry ofMaterials "and other international authoritative journals have published 50 high-level academic papers, 41 co published papers with H factor of 30, and SCI papers have been cited for more than 3900 times. He has presided over three natural science funds and two provincial and ministerial projects, and participated in a number of science funds and National Natural Science Projects of the Ministry of education of Singapore as the main participant.Eight patents have been applied for and one academic Rookie Award of the Ministry of education has been obtained.

Education experience:

2008.9~ 2012.10, doctoral candidate, National University of Singapore / Hunan University

2006.9~ 2008.6, master student, Hunan University

2002.9To June 2006, undergraduate, Hunan University

Work experience:

2016.7At present, Professor, School of light industry and chemical engineering, Guangdong University of technology.

2013.2To June 2016, postdoctoral fellow, School of materials science and engineering, Nanyang Polytechnic University, Singapore

Research direction:

1.Design, preparation and electrochemical energy storage of functional inorganic nanoporous materials;

2.Research on new high efficiency electrode materials for lithium / sodium batteries;

3.Synthesis and energy storage of high efficiency and long life electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction.

Research projects in progress (presided over)

1.Research on layer structure regulation and zinc storage mechanism of layered cathode materials for water zinc secondary batteries, general project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51971066, 2020 / 01-2023 / 12, 600000.

2.Synthesis of molecular level carbon composite phosphate cathode material and its metal coordination effect research, general project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51771058, 2018 / 01-2021 / 12, 600000.

3.Research on high performance energy storage materials, Zhujiang scholar, 2017 / 10-2020 / 09, 1 million

4.Based on the design of carbon nitride / transition metal electrocatalyst, research on electronic structure regulation and electrocatalysis performance, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 21303047, 2014 / 01-2016 / 12, 250000.

5.Research on molecular level carbon composite of electrode materials for lithium / sodium batteries, a project initiated by 100 people, 20160328, 2016 / 03-2021 / 32 million, presided over.

6.Technology research on layer spacing control technology of layered sodium ion battery, Department of education of Guangdong Province, 2016ktscx032, 2017 / 01-2018 / 12, 100000, presided over.

7.Research on preparation technology and catalytic application of porous inorganic colloidal particles based on precursor method

8.Controllable synthesis of porous transition metal oxides, Ministry of education, 30000, chair

Authorized or applied for invention patent:

1.A preparation method of green porous Li4Ti5O12 particle cathode material, zl201610312838.3, Li Chengchao, Chen Libao, Lian QingWang, has been transferred

2.A general method for preparation of porous rare earth based colloidal spheres with adjustable composition, 201610389874. X, Li Chengchao, Chen Libao, Lian QingWang

3.A layered ammonium vanadate electrode material and its preparation method and application, 201810566139.7, Li Chengchao, Chen Shufeng, Geng Hongbo, Zhang Yufei

4.A preparation method of phosphorus doped sodium titanate nanowire as anode material for sodium ion battery, 201810785458.0, Li Chengchao, Jin Feng, Geng Hongbo, Zhang Yufei

5.A preparation method of Carbon Nanotubes Supported Ruthenium phosphide composite electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution, 201810785466.5, Li Chengchao, Cheng Min, Geng Hongbo, Zhang Yufei

6.A high-capacity layered germanium disulfide nanosheet and its preparation method and application, 201810291405.3, Li Chengchao, Wang Bo, Geng Hongbo, Zhang Yufei

The representative papers in recent five years are as follows:

1.Sucheng Liu, He Zhu, Binghao Zhang, Gen Li, Hekang Zhu, Yang Ren, Hongbo Geng, Yang Yang, Qi Liu andC. C. Li*,Tuning Kinetics of Zinc-ion Insertion/Extraction in V2O5 by in-situ Polyaniline Intercalation Enables Improved Aqueous Zinc-Ion Storage Performance,Adv. Mater., 2020,

2.Yang Yang, He Zhu, Jinfei Xiao, Hongbo Geng, Yufei Zhang, Jinbao Zhao,C. C. Li*, Qi Liu,* Achieving ultrahigh-rate and high-safety Listorage based on interconnected tunnel structure in micro-size niobium tungsten oxides,Adv. Mater.,2020, 32, 1905295.+

3.Bo Wang, Edison Huixiang Ang, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang, Hongbo Geng, Minghui Ye,C. C. Li*, Interlayer Engineering of Molybdenum Oxide toward High-Capacity and Stable Sodium ion Half/Full Batteries,Adv. Funct. Mater.,2020,

4.Hongbo Geng, Min Cheng, Bo Wang, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang,C. C. Li*,Electronic Structure Regulation of Layered Vanadium Oxide via interlayer doping strategy towards Superior High-Rate and Low-Temperature Zinc-Ion Batteries,Adv. Funct. Mater.,2020, 30, 1907684.

5.C. C. Li*, Bo Wang, Dong Chen, Li-Yong Gan, Yufei Zhang, Yang Yang, Hongbo Geng*, Xianhong Rui*, and Yan Yu*, Topotactic Transformation Synthesis of 2D Ultrathin GeS2 Nanosheets towards High-Rate and High-Energy Density Sodium-Ion Half/Full Batteries,ACS Nano, 2020, 14, 1, 531-540.

6.G. Zhang, Hou, H. Zhang, W. Zeng, F. Yan,C. C. Li*, H. G. Duan*, High-Performance and Ultra-Stable Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on MOF-Derived ZnO@ZnO Quantum Dots/C Core–Shell Nanorod Arrays on a Carbon Cloth Anode,Adv. Mater., 2015, 27, 2400-2405.

7.C. C. Li, H. C. Zeng, Coordination Chemistry and Antisolvent Strategy to Rare-Earth Solid-solution Colloidal Spheres,J. Am. Chem. Soc.2012, 134, 19084-19091.

8.Yi Luo, Licheng Wei, Hongbo Geng, Yufei Zhang, Yang Yang, *C. C. Li*, Amorphous Fe-V-O bimetallic oxides with tunable compositions towards rechargeable Zn-ion batteries with excellent low-temperature performance,ACS Applied Materials & interfaces, 2020, 12, 10, 11753-11760.

9.Wencheng Du, Hongbo Geng, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang, Huixiang Ang, Minghui Ye,C. C. Li*, Rational-Design of Polyaniline Cathode using Proton Doping Strategy by Graphene Oxide for Enhanced Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries Performance,Journal of Power sources,2020, 450,227716

10.Dao-Sheng Liu, Feng Jin, Aijian Huang, Xiaoli Sun, Hao Su, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang, Xianhong Rui, Hongbo Geng,*C. C. Li*,Phosphorus-Doping-Induced Surface Vacancies of 3D Na2Ti3O7 Nanowire Arrays Enabling High-Rate and Long-Life Sodium Storage,Chem-Eur. J., 2019, 25,14881–14889

11.Shufeng Chen, Yufei Zhang*, Hongbo Geng, Yang Yanga, Xianhong Rui,C. C. Li*, Zinc ions pillared vanadate cathodes by chemical pre-intercalation towards long cycling life and low-temperature zinc ion batteries,Journal of Power sources, 2019, 441, 227192.

12.Bo Wang; Wencheng Du; Yang Yang; Yufei Zhang; Qi Zhang; Xianhong Rui; Hongbo Geng,C. C. Li*, Two-dimensional germanium sulfide nanosheets as an ultra-stable and high capacity anode for lithium ion batteries,Chem-Eur. J., 2020, 26, 6554-6560.

13.Wencheng Du, Hongbo Geng, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang, Xianhong Rui,C. C. Li*, Pristine graphene for advanced electrochemical energy applications,Journal of Power sources,2019, 437, 226899.

14.Min Cheng, Hongbo Geng, Yang Yang, Yufei Zhang*,C. C. Li*, Optimization of hydrogen adsorption free energy of Ru-based catalysts towards high efficiency hydrogen evolution reaction at all pH,Chem-Eur. J., 2019, 25, 8579-8584.

15.Yufei Zhang, Hongbo Geng,Weifeng Wei, Jianmin Ma, Libao Chen,C. C. Li*, Challenges and Recent Progress in the Design of Advanced Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Mg batteries,Energy Storage Materials, 2019, 20,118-138.

16.Yang Yang, Hongbo Geng,Yufei Zhang,C. C. Li*, Jinbao Zhao, Three-Dimensional Graphene/Ag Aerogel for Durable and Stable Li Metal Anode in Carbonate-Based Electrolyte,Chem-Eur. J., 2019, 25,5036-5042.

17.Yang Yang, Jian Xiong, Shaobo Lai, Rong Zhou, Min Zhao, Hongbo Geng, Yufei Zhang, Yanxiong Fang,C. C. Li*, Jinbao Zhao, Vinyl Ethylene Carbonate as an Effective SEI-Forming Additive in Carbonate-based electrolyte for Lithium Metal Anodes,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11, 6118–6125.

18.Yufei Zhang, Jun Yang, Qiuchun Dong, Hongbo Geng, Yun Zheng, Yunlong Liu, Wenjun Wang,C. C. Li*, Xiaochen Dong*, Highly Dispersive MoP Nanoparticles Anchored on rGO Nanosheets for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalyst,ACS Applied Materials &Interfaces, 2018, 10, 26258-26263.

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