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President Qiu Xueqing went to our college for investigation and guidance


On the afternoon of January 7, President Qiu Xueqing, accompanied by Vice President Luan Tiangang and heads of the relevant functional departments of the school, went to our college for research and guidance. Members of the college leadership team and teacher representatives participated in the research symposium.

The leaders and teachers at the meeting first watched the recently recorded promotional video of the college, and then Wang Tiejun, Dean of the college, reported the basic situation of the college from six aspects, including the history of the college, faculty, discipline construction, talent training, scientific research achievements, college planning, focusing on the discipline construction from four aspects, namely, undergraduate teaching, scientific research, academic exchange and cooperation, and laboratory constructionWork introduction.Zhou Dongbin, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, reported on the characteristic practice of the party construction of the college and the achievements of the double integration and double promotion of the party construction and business.The leaders of the relevant functional departments of the school also made suggestions and suggestions for the better development of our college.

President Qiu Xueqing carefully listened to the report from time to time, fully affirmed the achievements of the construction and development of the college, pointed out that the discipline of chemical engineering is a very important foundation for engineering, and put forward requirements for the next work of the College: first, to strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, give full play to the leading role of the team leader, pay attention to the training mix of young talents, and do a good job in the rationality of the scientific research teamIn planning and long-term layout, efforts should be made to introduce and educate leaders.Second, in terms of discipline construction, in line with the idea of "laying the foundation on the whole and seeking breakthrough on the point", we should make clear the discipline positioning, highlight the chemical characteristics, and impact the construction of key laboratories in Guangdong Province. We should build a peak on the plateau and strive for the progress of the first level discipline of chemical engineering and technology in the fifth round of discipline evaluation in China.Third, we will strengthen the application for major R & D projects and the transformation of landmark achievements, and strive to make breakthroughs in the establishment of national funds and national science and technology awards.Fourth, do a good job in personnel training.We should pay attention to specialty construction, enhance professional confidence, strengthen publicity, attract excellent chemical talents, summarize and refine the training mode of chemical talents in the form of teaching achievements, and strive for new breakthroughs in education and teaching reform.Finally, President Qiu Xueqing asked the leading group of the college to shoulder the responsibilities and responsibilities given by the new era and make new achievements. At the same time, all relevant functional departments of the college were required to actively cooperate with the college's work, solve and deal with the problems and difficulties encountered in the development and construction of the college in a timely manner, jointly promote the high-quality and rapid development of the college, and believe that the future of the college will be better.

After the meeting, President Qiu Xueqing and his delegation, accompanied by the leaders of the college, visited the party construction garden, large-scale instrument public platform, undergraduate teaching laboratory, national virtual simulation experiment teaching demonstration center, etc.