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President Qiu Xueqing had a cordial exchange with representatives of young teachers in our college


In order to listen to the voice of young teachers and promote their better growth, on the afternoon of June 8, President Qiu Xueqing had a heart to heart exchange with representatives of young teachers of our college. Zhou Dongbin, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, Li Chengchao, Lin Zhan, Guo Yuxi, Mao Yuanyuan, etc., attended the meeting.

At the meeting, representatives of young teachers spoke freely in combination with their work experience, covering scientific research, teaching practice, personal growth and other aspects, and discussed their personal experience on the mission of educating young teachers in the new era.Starting from his original intention to join the party, Mr. Lin Zhan reported his own teaching and scientific research situation, saying that while doing his job well, he actively integrated into the overall situation of the school's development, and used positive energy to drive people around him to move forward better. Mr. Guo Yuxi said that by improving self-identity and enhancing teaching and scientific research level, he tried to help students grow and become talents in classroom teaching,To help students to firmly fight for the country's ideals and beliefs, practice the mission of teacher education.

Headmaster Qiu Xueqing agreed with the speeches made by the representatives of young teachers and encouraged them to establish lofty professional beliefs and participate in the construction of school connotation with the spirit of master.During the conversation, he shared several key words with you based on his own experience: first, ideals and beliefs.Young teachers should be firm in their faith and stick to their faith.The third is to concentrate on scientific research.Chemical engineering specialty has a broad market and prospect. Young teachers should concentrate on learning, overcome difficulties, make characteristics and overcome impetuousness; fourthly, team spirit.In the work study, must have the dedication spirit, thinks for others, with the long-term vision, solid work.Headmaster Qiu earnestly expects young teachers to give full play to the leading role of outstanding elements while doing a good job in their business, and encourage young teachers to grow up with the reputation that "the gold cup and the silver cup are not as good as the masses".

At the end of the meeting, the teachers at the meeting said that they had benefited a lot. After more than one hour's communication, everyone was moved by Mr. Qiu's words. This exchange was more like a heart to heart talk between an elder and a younger generation.Teachers feel very honored to have such an opportunity to learn and listen. At the same time, they also said that they have strengthened their ideals and beliefs. They will live up to the heavy responsibilities of the times, be proactive and have the courage to contribute more to the construction and development of the schoo