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Experts from our university were invited to attend the "Guangdong chemical industry development exchange meeting"


On June 3-4, Wang Tiejun, President of the College of light industry and chemical engineering of our university, and long Yanxiong of experimental equipment department were invited to attend the first "Guangdong chemical industry development exchange meeting".This meeting is one of the series of activities of the second Maoming talent week in 2020. It is sponsored by Maoming municipal Party committee, Maoming Municipal People's government and Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Association. Focusing on the needs of iterative upgrading and innovative development of Maoming chemical industry, it gathers high-level professionals in chemical industry both inside and outside the region, and invites new energy, new materials, green chemical industry, fine chemical industry, etcMore than 100 academicians, high-level experts and teams participated to promote information sharing and achievement transformation in chemical industry.

The "Guangdong chemical industry development exchange meeting" adheres to the development strategy of "wisdom gathering Maoming, hydrogen creating the future", and invited many domestic high-level experts to give academic reports.Wang Tiejun, President of our institute, delivered the keynote report "development of green hydrogen energy - low temperature water phase reforming mobile hydrogen production" at the conference, and the "Green Petrochemical Research Report" specially invited by Yanxiong branch of experimental equipment prescription. Both of the academic reports triggered heated discussion and ideological collision among on-site experts.

Wang Tiejun, President of the Institute, and Yan Xiong, director of the laboratory equipment prescription, were invited to participate in the activity and had in-depth communication with the organizers. Focusing on the key industrial development directions of Maoming City, such as green chemical industry, new materials and new energy, the current development trend and future iterative upgrading trend of chemical industry hot fields were analyzed and discussed, so as to promote the innovative development of the chemical industry and accelerate the integration of Maoming City into DawanSuggestions and suggestions on the industrial development process of the district.At the same time, the representatives of our institute also understood the direction and strength of the local demand for talents in the chemical industry in Maoming City, which laid a foundation for promoting the integration and innovation of our institute with the local science and technology industry, and promoting the multi-party cooperation and international exchange of industry, University and research.