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Leaders of the university attended the seminar on Green Petrochemical Construction


9On the morning of February 2, at the invitation of the Institute of light industry and chemical industry, Professor Ji Hongbing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Guangdong Institute of petroleum and chemical industry, attended the seminar on the development of green petrochemical industry. President Qiu Xueqing and vice president Yu Lin, leaders of the University, and representatives of the leading group and key teachers related to Green Petrochemical attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Professor Fang Yanxiong.

First of all, vice president Yu Lin delivered a speech to welcome and thank Professor Ji Hongbing for his guidance in our university, and introduced the purpose and significance of the meeting.From the overall situation of industrial development in Guangdong Province, President Wang Tiejun stressed that our institute should grasp the opportunities and challenges of Green Petrochemical Development and strive to do a good job in related work. On behalf of the college, he once again expressed his gratitude to Professor Ji Hongbing for his concern and support for the work of the Institute and for the leadership's visit and guidance.

Subsequently, Professor Ji Hongbing made a theme report on Green Petrochemical construction.He first presented and interpreted the top-level design of the construction of Guangdong petrochemical industry chain innovation chain talent chain and the top ten strategic pillar industrial clusters in Guangdong Province. He also introduced the five major refining and chemical integration Petrochemical bases in Guangdong Province, the leading direction of high-end fine chemical products and new chemical materials, and the construction ideas of Guangdong petrochemical industry development research institute,He also introduced the achievements of his team in the popularization of scientific and technological innovation in chemical industry for ten years, and called on everyone to strengthen the popularization of scientific and technological innovation while practicing the scientific and technological innovation research of green petrochemical industry.

Professor Ji's report greatly inspired and inspired everyone. After the report, the leaders and teachers had a heated discussion on the topic of Green Petrochemical. The teachers discussed the understanding of green petrochemical, the discussion of specific academic issues, the idea of chemical science popularization, how to participate in the work of Green Petrochemical combining with their own direction and how to achieve the deep integration of production and teachingAfter in-depth discussion, Professor Ji and President Qiu also responded to and exchanged views on your questions.

Finally, President Qiu Xueqing gave a summary and guidance. He pointed out that Guangdong is a big petrochemical Province, and Green Petrochemical is the pillar industry and key development direction of Guangdong Province. As the "eldest son" of Guangdong engineering colleges and universities, Guanggong should be based in Guangdong.The Institute of light and chemical industry is the most closely connected with the petrochemical industry. It should shoulder an important mission and make efforts and contributions to the construction of green petrochemical field and petrochemical base.(photo / text: Zhang Jin, Zhu Dongyu)