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Advanced nanofabrication driven by extreme environment and its energy application


Guest speaker: Chen Yanan (School of materials, Tianjin University)

Time: 10:00-12:00 am, October 21, 2020 (Wednesday)

Report location: gongsi-202

Title of the reportAdvanced nanofabrication driven by extreme environment and its energy application

Extreme-environment enabled advanced nano-manufacturing and energy applications

Summary of the reportNano materials have broad application prospects in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and so on. The synthesis and processing of nano materials have attracted extensive attention.The report mainly introduces the research achievements in nanofabrication and its application in recent years, including ultra fast assembly of nanomaterials driven by extreme environment, such as nanoparticles, two-dimensional materials, and their applications in energy, catalysis, new devices, etc.; cryoelectron microscopy technology for surface and interface science; and emerging potassium ion energy storage.

Personal profileChen Yanan obtained his bachelor's degree from Beijing University of science and technology in 2012, and graduated from the joint training of Beijing University of science and technology / University of Maryland in 2017. He is now a "Beiyang scholar" of Tianjin University and an "outstanding scholar" of Tsinghua University.He is mainly engaged in the preparation of new materials and their applications in energy, environment and biology. He studied with Professor Hu liangbing of University of Maryland and Professor Wang Hongwei of Tsinghua University.Research interests include: ultra fast synthesis of nanomaterials, energy storage (lithium / sodium / potassium ion batteries, air batteries, etc.), energy conversion (electrocatalysis), and freeze electron microscopy.More than 60 research papers have been published in high impact journals such as nature energy, nature comm., science advances, JACS, PNAs, materials today, advanced. Material. The first / corresponding authors (including co authors) have published more than 60 research papers in nature comm. (2), JACS, advanced. Material. (2), materials today (2), nano letters (3), AEM (6), AFM (1), ESM (3), jmca (2), small (4),More than 30 research papers have been published in top journals such as nano energy and NML, with more than 3000 citations. Four papers were selected as highly cited papers.It has applied for 4 American patents and more than 10 domestic patents.Undertake / participate in major research projects of NSFC, key R & D plans of Ministry of science and technology, and cultivation projects of major research programs.Served as reviewer of more than 20 international famous academic journals, such as matter, adv. mater, nano letters, AEM, AFM, ACS, nano, ESM, small, nano research, SCM, ACS, AMI, EA, and guest editor of Chinese chemical letters, Frontiers in energy research, young editorial board member of Chinese chemical letters and rare metals.One of the founders of "scientific research cloud", China's largest science and technology communication platform.