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Introduction to degree programs


The college has the first-class discipline of chemical engineering and technology postdoctoral mobile station, the first-class discipline doctoral program of chemical engineering and technology, the first-class master program of chemical engineering and Technology (covering applied chemistry, chemical process, chemical engineering, industrial catalysis, biochemical engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering), and the master's authorization point of chemical engineering.It has formed a complete talent training system for undergraduates, masters, doctors and postdoctoral students; the college has 17 doctoral supervisors, 104 full-time Master supervisors, 6 specially employed foreign tutors (including 1 academician of French Academy of Sciences and 1 Changjiang Scholar), and 44 part-time tutors outside the University.There are 6 provincial-level postgraduate joint training demonstration bases (Guangdong Academy of petroleum and chemical industry, Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, China Academy of electrical appliances research Co., Ltd., Dongguan Institute of technology, Guangdong dongyangguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau) and 4 university level joint training demonstration bases (Huizhou entry exit inspection and inspection)Epidemic Bureau, Xinfeng Nanyue Chemical New Material Research Institute Co., Ltd., Dongguan baiweijia Food Co., Ltd., Guangzhou analysis and testing center, China).At present, there are 45 doctoral students and 277 master students.