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First level doctoral program: Chemical Engineering and technology


1、Introduction to the subject

Chemical engineering and technology discipline is the "211 Project" construction discipline in Guangdong Province, the dominant key discipline in Guangdong Province, and the key discipline in the construction of high-level universities in Guangdong Province.Chemical engineering has a long history. Chemical engineering was set up in 1958.In 1985, he obtained a master's degree in fine chemical engineering, a second-class doctoral program in Applied Chemistry in 2003, a first-class master's degree in chemical engineering and technology in 2006, and a first-class doctoral program in chemical engineering and technology in 2011.This subject has many provincial discipline platforms, such as Guangdong Modern Fine Chemical Engineering Center, modern fine chemical engineering research center of Guangdong University.In the fine chemicals, petrochemical, biological drugs, new chemical materials, functional polymer materials, food additives and other research fields to form characteristics and advantages.In recent years, the college has undertaken nearly 200 projects entrusted by the state, provincial and ministerial level as well as enterprises. The scientific research funds have increased year by year, and a series of scientific research achievements have been achieved. The main achievements include 1 second prize of national science and technology progress award, 11 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, nearly 1000 papers have been published, nearly 400 of which are included in the three major indexes; 183 national invention patents have been applied for and 83 national invention patents have been authorizedPieces.

2、Training objectives

The discipline is committed to training high-end chemical talents with comprehensive moral, intellectual and physical development, adapting to the development of chemical engineering and technology and related disciplines and the construction of modern chemical economy.Postgraduates are required to have a high sense of social responsibility, good moral cultivation and academic morality, a solid and broad basic theory of chemical engineering and technology, systematic and in-depth expertise, a good command of a foreign language, the ability to independently engage in scientific research or undertake specialized technical work, excellent innovation ability, team spirit and broad international visionIn the modern chemical industry and other related fields and industries, competent for high-level research and development, design, education and management and other innovative work.

3、Main research directions

The discipline is trained as a first-class discipline of "chemical engineering and technology". The main research directions include:

(1)Catalytic materials and catalytic reaction engineering

(2)Deep processing of petrochemical downstream products

(3)Fine chemical industry

(4)Functional polymers and composites

(5)Pharmaceutical Engineering

(6)Biochemical engineering

4、Educational system and training mode

(1)Educational system

The educational system of academic doctoral students and "2 + 3" doctoral students with master's degree and doctoral degree is 3 years, and the longest learning period is 8 years.

(2)Training mode

The Tutor (guiding group) responsibility system is implemented in the training of doctoral students.Under the guidance of tutors, doctoral students should work out the training plan within two weeks after admission, take part in the mid-term examination in the fourth semester, and complete the academic activities.