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Master program of first level discipline: Chemical Engineering and technology


Chemical engineering and technology is one of the earliest established disciplines in our university, which is subordinate to the College of light industry and chemical engineering. At present, the college takes the first-class discipline of chemical engineering and technology as the main discipline, and has successively developed pharmaceutical engineering, food science, bioengineering and other related disciplinesChemical engineering and technology postdoctoral mobile station was established by the Ministry of education in 2009, and the first level discipline doctor program of chemical engineering and technology was obtained in 2011. At the same time, relying on the first level discipline doctoral program, environmental chemical engineering and biopharmaceutical secondary discipline doctoral program was established, marking the basic establishment of the discipline's talent training system.

1、Training objectives

We should train high-level scientific and technological talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique.The master's degree holders are required to understand the frontier and development direction of chemical engineering and technology at home and abroad; master the basic theoretical knowledge, professional skills and computer application skills in chemical unit operation, chemical reaction engineering, new separation technology, new chemical materials, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.; master a foreign language, have the ability to read foreign materials and carry out foreign language science and technologyThe ability of thesis writing; be able to flexibly apply the knowledge learned in this major to carry out scientific research, or independently undertake innovative work in engineering technology development, design and engineering management.

2、Basic conditions

2.1Training direction

The following five training directions are set up in chemical engineering.

(1)New catalytic materials and clean chemical technology

(2)Fine chemicals Engineering

(3)Material chemical engineering

(4)Utilization of natural product resources and pharmaceutical engineering

(5)Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology

2.2teaching staff

2.2.1Direction leader: the person in charge of the direction shall be a professor with high academic attainments in relevant fields.

2.2.2Academic echelon: there are 118 full-time teachers and researchers, including 80 with doctor's degree, 32% of which are teachers under 35 years old, 30 with senior title, 56 with deputy senior title, 15 with doctoral supervisor, 68 with master's degree, 52 with part-time tutor (including training base).It includes 1 academician of the French Academy of Sciences, 1 professor of Yangtze River chair, 1 high-level talent, 1 excellent talent of the Ministry of education in the new century, 2 outstanding young people of Guangdong Province, 12 provincial-level training objects of "thousand hundred ten project" of Guangdong Province, 2 young top-notch talents of Guangdong special support program, and 1 young Pearl River youth.

2.3scientific research

Over 300 scientific research projects have been completed in the past five years, including 35 national scientific research projects and 130 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects.At present, there are more than 100 kinds of scientific research projects under study, including 25 national projects, 40 provincial and ministerial projects, and 40 enterprise projects. The total project funds under research are more than 30 million.

3、Course teaching

The master program of chemical engineering has set up core professional courses such as modern analysis and testing technology, theoretical model and numerical analysis, advanced organic chemistry, advanced inorganic chemistry, advanced chemical thermodynamics, catalyst design, advanced physical chemistry, etc.The main lecturers are senior professors or associate professors with rich teaching experience.In order to ensure the quality of teaching, the school has hired graduate teaching supervisors to attend lectures regularly and feed back the problems in teaching in time.The evaluation of Postgraduates' scholarship and the selection of master and doctoral students are all linked with the examination results.