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Professional master (Engineering) program: materials and Chemical Engineering (chemical engineering direction)


Professional master is full-time, master of engineering is part-time.

(1) Training objectives

To cultivate and master the basic theories, basic skills and research methods in the fields of modern chemistry, basic chemical engineering knowledge, synthetic chemistry, materials science, catalytic chemistry, natural product chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, etc., and cultivate high-level professionals with wide knowledge and strong adaptability, who can engage in teaching, scientific research, development, engineering design and other work in colleges, research institutes and enterprises.

(2) Research direction

01.Modern fine chemicals technology

02.Preparation and characterization of new catalytic materials

03.New chemical material technology

04.Modern production technology of natural medicine

05.Design and control of chemical production process

06.Food additives and quality safety

07.Quality control and management of modern chemical plant

08.Clean production technology of chemical process

09.Biochemical and natural product drug research

(3) Core courses

Modern analysis and testing technology

Chemical engineering thermodynamics and kinetics

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Modern catalytic characterization technology

Chemistry of natural products

Advanced synthetic chemistry

Inorganic functional materials

Catalytic reaction engineering

green chemistry

Theory and technology of separation and enrichment

Modernization of traditional Chinese Medicine