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Group of Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Functional Polymers


The Group of Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Functional Polymers, supported by the Research Center of Guangdong Provincial Research and Biochemical Testing Reagent Engineering Technology, focuses on the foundational researches and applications oforganic optoelectronic materials,functional polymers,advanced energy materials andfine chemicals (photoinitiator, photoresist, silicone resin, environmentally friendly paint, etc.). In recent years, we have published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in high-level SCI journals, includingAcc. Chem. Res.,J. Am. Chem. Soc.,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,Adv. Funct. Mater.,Adv. Energy. Mater.,J. Mater. Chem.,Macromolecules.,Org. Lett.,Chem. Commun.,Chem. Sci.,J. Org. Chem.,Energy Environ. Sci.,Nano Lett.,Chem. Mater., etc. The Principal investigators in the group have undertook over 40 national or provincial funded research projects and hold more than 10 Chinese invention patents.

The group is led by Prof. Yanping Huo, and consists of 11 members, including 3 professors and 8 associate professors, all of whom have long-term overseas study experience, including 1 expert with special government allowance from the State Council, 1 talent awarded with “Thousand Hundred Ten Project” of Guangdong Province, and 1 talent awarded with “Pearl River Young Scholar” of Guangdong Province. The group members are Huo Yanping, Liang Liang, Chen Qian, Ji Shaomin, Gao Liang, Cai Ning, Li Xianwei, Gao Yang, Yang Qingdan, Chen Wen-Cheng and Mu Yingxiao.

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Selected Publication:

1.Yanping Huo and Huaqiang Zeng*, “Sticky”-Ends-Guided Creation of Functional Hollow Nanopores for Guest Encapsulation and Water Transport.Acc. Chem. Res.2016, 49, 922-930.

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