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Organic optoelectronic materials and functional polymers have made important progress in the field of transition metal catalysis


Recently, Associate Professor Li Xianwei and Professor Huo Yanping have made important progress in transition metal catalyzed organic synthesis.Through exploration, team members found that cheap metal divalent copper catalysts can realize the rapid construction of imidazo nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives with terminal alkynes, benzyl or allyl halides, and 2-amino nitrogen-containing heterocycles under the condition of oxygen as oxidant. These compounds are the core framework of many drug molecules, including zolpidem, apitam, thalidomide and other anti-inflammatory drugs and central nervous system drugs.Recently, it has been found that these heterocyclic carbonyl compounds have good application value in the field of luminescent materials.In addition, the team members also made progress in the direct functionalization of hydrocarbon bonds in the early stage. It was found that amides and primary sulfonamides widely existing in the pharmaceutical field can realize regioselective Alkynylation under the catalysis of trivalent iridium.In addition, some drug molecules including celecoxib, probenecid and sulfasalazine (a kind of dysentery agent) were further modified. In view of the multi-function of alkynes, it is expected that these molecules will have potential application value in the development of new drugs.Related research results were published in: 2018, 16, 7143–7151 (front cover paper); org. Chem. Front., DOI: 10.1039/c8qo01105b. (front cover paper)Org. Biomol. Chem.

The above research papers are all signed by the school of light industry and chemical engineering of Guangdong University of technology, and are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21602032, 61671162) and the talent project of "100 young people of Guangdong University of technology" (220413149).