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The team of organic optoelectronic materials and functional polymers has made important progress in the research field of perovskite solar cells


Recently, associate professor Cai Ning and Professor Huo Yanping of the organic optoelectronic materials and functional polymers team of the College of light industry and chemical engineering, together with Professor Tsang Sai wing of City University of Hong Kong, have made important progress in the research field of perovskite solar cells. The research results have been published in the international authoritative journal adv. energy in the field of energy materialsMater. (if = 24.88, top journal of the first district), and recently published as a front cover article (Yatong Chen, Xiuwen Xu, Ning Cai, * Sainan Qian, Ruixi Luo, Yanping Hu, Sai wing Tsang * adv. energy mate. 2019.9 (39), 1901268).In this work, based on the support of theoretical calculation, the d-p-d is designed and synthesized reasonablyThe highest filling factor of 81.7% and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19.16% were obtained when the undoped hole transport materials were applied to the trans planar perovskite solar cells. The intrinsic relationship between molecular structure / molecular aggregation structure hole mobility and device performance was revealed, which provided a new idea for the design of new hole transport materials.Our graduate students are the first author of the thesis, associate professor Cai Ning is the first corresponding author, our university is the first communication unit of the paper, and City University of Hong Kong is the second communication unit.Rational Design of Dopant-Free Coplanar D-P-D Hole-Transporting Materials for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells with Fill Factor exceeding 80%.

The research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51803035), the natural science foundation of Guangdong Province (2017a03031039) and the youth hundred talents program of Guangdong University of Technology (220413142).Paper links: