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The application of physical and chemical research team in the work of fuel cell electrocatalysis


Panzhanchang research group of our institute synthesized homogeneous porous titanium nitride nanotubes by solvent heat method, supported highly dispersed platinum, and carried out methanol electrocatalytic oxidation and oxygen electrocatalytic reduction. Compared with carbon materials as carriers, the nano particles with high specific surface area were synthesized.The binary nitride nanotubes such as V-N and co-ti-n are synthesized by controlled synthesis.Since 2014, in j.main. chem.a, J. power sourcesELECTROCHIM.ACTA, etc. published 16 research papers in SCI journals, and authorized one invention patent.

Fig. 1 porous titanium nitride nanotubes

Figure 2 Comparison of CV curves of commercial pt/c (JM) and pt/tinntts tested by ADT with different cycles, and the comparison of specific surface area loss of electrochemical activity

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Patent No. zl20161058546.7: a nanotube made of titanium dioxide nanoplates and its preparation method and Application