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Achievements of industry university research cooperation in PCB field of applied physical chemistry research team


The development of PCB process technology is inseparable from the support of electronic chemicals.The application of physical chemistry research team and PCB enterprises to develop a variety of electronic chemicals, some of which have been industrialized.

1.Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd

The achievements that have been applied in Shenghong production line are: green oil washing additive; screen printing plate cleaning agent; non benzene film cleaning agent.

The research and development of tin stripping solution of non nitric acid system, nickel bath cleaning agent, chemical copper precipitation and gel removal liquid have made progress; the research and development of antioxidants, developer, film remover and other chemicals have also passed the pilot test.

2.Huizhou jinbaize Circuit Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Province Science and technology plan project: Photo grafting modification initiated palladium free electroless copper plating to prepare PCB substrate, 2011b031000013; ozone surface modified PCB substrate electroless plating of thick copper, 2012b010200035; high thermal conductivity multilayer aluminum based rigid wound bonding board production technology achievements transformation, 2016b09091908069.There are 4 science and technology projects and 3 enterprise projects in Huizhou,.

3.Dongguan Kangyuan Electronic Co., Ltd

Guangdong Province Science and technology plan project: resource comprehensive recovery technology of PCB waste tin solution, Project No. 2013b02130001;

At present, it has authorized 2 invention patents, 1 utility model patent, 1 invention patent application, and published 1 Chinese core journal paper. The technology has been applied.

4.Junze Precision Technology Co., Ltd

(1) The key electronic chemicals for the formation of ultra-fine circuits have been successfully applied for the science and technology program of Guangdong Province.

The additive developed by our laboratory, 20um / 20um micro electronic circuit was prepared in m-sap process, which reached the industry leading level.

The key of the process is to remove the film from the micro circuit without damaging the micro circuit.

(2) Organic membrane removal solution

(3) All copper filling technology: through fine synthesis of key intermediates, electrochemical test and electroplating simulation test, a series of electroplating copper filling additives have been developed, and the performance of the additives has reached the advanced level in the industry.

5Agiley (Panyu) Electronic Industry Co., Ltd

In 2012, we established a roll to roll electronic label manufacturing production line in Agilent, which produced three authorized invention patents.

6.Zhongshan Hanhua Tin Industry Co., Ltd

The environment-friendly water-based cleaning agent for solder paste residue of PCB has passed the pilot production line application.