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Professor Dmitri of National University of Ireland and cork University visited our college for academic exchange


2018On November 6, Professor Dmitri B. papkovsky, National University of cork, Ireland, was invited to the Institute of light industry and chemical engineering for academic reports and academic exchanges. The report was held in Room 202 of hall 4 of engineering, presided over by Professor zhaosuqing of the Institute of light industry and chemical engineering, attracting a large number of teachers and students to participate in the report meeting.

Professor Dmitri made an academic report entitled "oxygen sensor based systems for food quality and safety assessment".The report focuses on the detection and application of molecular oxygen. The principle of this detection is based on the energy transfer of phosphorescent irradiation, without any chemical reagent, it can detect the microorganism in packaged food, and develop greenlight930 product to enter the market to quickly determine food borne pathogens.Finally, Professor Dmitri summarized the importance of oxygen detection, and discussed and exchanged with the teachers and students present.Professor Dmitri's report is rich in content, humorous in speech and deeply loved by teachers and students present.

Dr. Dmitri B. papkovsky is currently professor of the National University of Ireland, cork, UCC.He published more than 130 papers and 15 patents in the magazines of "natural", "ACS Nano", "advanced functional materials" and "bionaterials", and served as the deputy editor of the Journal of district I.SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL

After the meeting, Professor zhaosuqing accompanied Professor Dmitri to visit the laboratories, campus and Library of Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, and made in-depth friendly exchanges and reached consensus on graduate cooperation training, scientific research cooperation and mutual visits between teachers and students. Professor Dmitri's visit not only provides good learning opportunities for teachers and students, but also provides a good cooperation between our institute and the National University of science and technology of Ireland in the futureBased on the above, it provides strong support for Guangdong University of technology to accelerate the construction of high-level universities and to speed up the cultivation of high-quality talents.