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Dr. Zhang Yaoqing, senior editor of nature communications, gave a lecture at the school of light industry and chemical engineering of our university


2018At the invitation of Professor Lin Zhan of the Institute of light industry and chemical engineering, Dr. Zhang Yaoqing, senior editor of nature communications, an international top journal, visited the Institute of light industry and chemical industry on the morning of December 26, 2006, and gave a lecture entitled "publishing with nature journals" in No.4 Library of engineering.Professor Lin Zhan presided over the lecture forum of famous teachers of light and chemical industry. The college teachers and students actively participated in the forum, and the exchange atmosphere was very active.

Dr. Zhang Yaoqing first introduced the characteristics and positioning of nature and its various journals, and introduced in detail the positioning and manuscript processing of nature communications, including editing and reading, paper review, author's reply, final decision, etc.At the same time, it also explains the problems and requirements in the process of writing the paper, including new ideas, new ideas and new methods.Nature communications mainly focuses on the innovation of the paper, the universality of the audience, and the contribution to this field.Dr. Zhang Yaoqing also exchanged views with teachers and students on the report.

Finally, Professor Lin Zhan, on behalf of the teachers and students present, expressed their deep gratitude for Dr. Zhang's lecture and Q & A. I believe that after Dr. Zhang's professional explanation, teachers and students can have a deeper understanding of the manuscript review process and submission requirements of nature communications, providing valuable experience and suggestions for future contributions.

Dr. Zhang Yaoqing

Zhang Yaoqing, Ph.D. graduated from St. Andrews University in the United Kingdom. Before joining the editorial department of nature communications, she was an assistant professor of research at Tokyo University of technology. At present, she is a senior editor of nature communications. She is mainly responsible for processing contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry, especially solid-state ionics and energy storage.