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Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology


Professional profile:

The department of chemical engineering and technology is to learn and study the general principles and common laws of the physical and chemical processes in the production of chemical industry and other process industries. The department of chemical engineering and technology is to assemble the world at the molecular level.Through the chemical process, oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, natural products and various wastes are transformed into various materials and commodities needed by human society, so as to improve the material and cultural life, living environment and living conditions of human society and benefit human society.

Chemical engineering and technology department of Guangdong University of technology is a national specialty with a long history and good social influence.This department was founded in 1958 and listed as a key discipline in Guangdong Province in 1993. In 2003, it was granted the right to confer a doctor's degree. In 2008, it was established as a national characteristic department. In 2011, it was selected into the "excellent engineer plan" of the Ministry of education. In 2012, it was established as a pilot project for the comprehensive reform of Guangdong Province. The characteristic engineering education enabled this department to pass the engineering education certification of the Ministry of education in 2018(experts enter the school for investigation and get high praise), thus obtaining the international unified "pass" and entering the "first square array" of global engineering education.This department has a first-class discipline of chemical engineering and Technology Doctoral Program, post doctoral mobile station.

There are 53 full-time teachers in this department, including 1 National 10000 person plan, 1 national high-level talent plan, 1 young and middle-aged leading talent of the Ministry of science and technology, 2 outstanding young people of Guangdong Province, 1 innovative talent of the Ministry of education in the new century, 1 young Zhujiang scholar of Guangdong Province, 13 professors, 25 associate professors, 89 teachers with doctoral degree, 73 teachers with overseas background.

This department has good teaching facilities and scientific research platform. It can rely on many provincial and ministerial scientific platforms such as "Key Laboratory of clean chemistry technology of Department of education of Guangdong Province", "R & D service platform for fine processing of downstream products of petrochemical industry of Guangdong Province", "modern fine chemical research center of universities of Guangdong Province" and high-level technology R & D center established by cooperation of enterprises to carry out academic research and student trainingRaise.


1、This department is oriented by the industrial characteristics of Guangdong Province, facing the needs of the industry and enterprises, and has formed a special professional direction focusing on fine chemical industry and energy chemical industry;

2、Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. At present, a variety of talent training programs such as "ordinary class", "excellent engineer class", "innovation class" and "English class" are adopted to form a multi-level and diversified compound talent training mode;

3、Highlight practical advantages and strive to train high-quality innovative and applied talents who combine theory with practice.At present, the department has a national virtual simulation experiment teaching center and many off campus practice teaching bases at or above the provincial level.

Training objectives:

This department aims to meet the needs of national economy (especially the economy of Guangdong Province) and the development of science and technology. It has humanistic quality and correct values, innovative spirit and solid theoretical basic knowledge, and is familiar with the basic principles, professional skills and research methods of chemical process. It can engage in product research in chemical industry and other related process industries, especially fine chemical industry and new energy industryIt is an application-oriented high-level engineering and technical personnel with thick foundation, wide caliber and strong ability.Graduates will achieve the following goals in about 5 years:

Goal 1It has the quality of Humanities and Social Sciences, a sound personality, a correct moral value orientation and a sense of social responsibility.

Goal 2Have broad and solid knowledge of chemical engineering technology, and have the professional technical ability to adapt to the development of chemical industry and related fields.

Objective 3: have scientific and innovative thinking, the ability to carry out professional related work in industry, academia and education, and certain engineering practice and team cooperation ability.

Goal 4:Have the ability to adapt to career development through lifelong learning, have workplace competitiveness in fine chemical industry, new energy and other fields, have the ability to solve complex chemical engineering problems, and be able to become senior engineering and technical talents to adapt to the needs of social and economic development.

Training mode:

Facing the needs of the industry and enterprises, this department sets up three directions of "fine chemical industry, energy chemical industry and cosmetics". It not only pays attention to the basic education of green chemical industry, but also pays attention to practical teaching, pays attention to the cultivation of innovative application-oriented talents, and establishes a three-dimensional practical training mode of basic experiment, professional experiment, engineering training, virtual simulation, extracurricular practice and factory practice.This department, represented by "3 + 1 excellent engineer class" and "innovation class", carries out the training mode of multiple talents training programs in parallel, and trains high-quality innovative and applied talents combining theory and practice.

Basic courses:

Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, Fundamentals of chemical machinery, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, chemical process analysis and synthesis, chemical technology, chemical design, process measurement and control technology, chemical safety and environmental protection.

Professional practice:

Chemical machinery design, chemical engineering principle curriculum design, chemical engineering principle experiment, chemical engineering specialty experiment, chemical engineering design practice, cognition practice, production practice, graduation design (Thesis).

Graduation requirements:

(1)Engineering knowledge:Ability to apply mathematics, natural science, engineering basis, chemical basis and professional knowledge related to chemical industry to solve complex engineering problems in chemical process.

(2)Problem analysis:Through basic experiment, professional experiment, engineering practice, basic training of scientific research and engineering design, comprehensive application of basic principles of mathematics, natural science and Engineering Science, identification, expression and analysis of complex engineering problems in chemical process through literature research, effective conclusions can be obtained.

(3)Design/Develop solutions:Be able to master the basic design / development methods and technologies of engineering design and product development cycle and the whole process, design solutions to complex engineering problems in chemical process, design systems, units (components) or process flows that meet specific needs, reflect innovation awareness in the design process, and consider social, health, safety, legal, cultural and environmental factorsElement.

(4)Research:Based on scientific principles and literature research and scientific methods, it can study complex engineering problems of chemical process, including design of experimental scheme, construction of experimental system, analysis and interpretation of data, and get reasonable and effective conclusions through information integration.

(5)Using modern tools:Be able to develop, select and use appropriate technologies, resources, modern engineering tools and information technology tools for complex engineering problems of chemical process, including prediction and Simulation of complex engineering problems of chemical process, and understand their limitations.

(6)Engineering and society:Be able to make reasonable analysis based on relevant chemical technology standard system, intellectual property rights, industrial policies, laws and regulations, evaluate the impact of chemical engineering practice and complex engineering problem solutions on society, health, safety, law and culture, and understand the responsibilities to be undertaken.

(7)Environment and sustainable development:Be able to think about the sustainability of chemical engineering practice from the perspective of environmental protection and sustainable development, understand and evaluate the impact of engineering practice on the environmental and social sustainable development of complex engineering problems in chemical process.

(8)Professional norms:Have humanities and social science literacy, social responsibility, be able to understand and abide by engineering professional ethics and norms in chemical process practice, and fulfill social responsibility for public safety, health and well-being and environmental protection.

(9)Individuals and teams:Be able to take on the role of individual, team member and person in charge in a multi-disciplinary team, organize, coordinate and direct the work of the team.Be able to effectively communicate with peers in the industry and the public on complex engineering problems of chemical process, including writing reports and design documents, making statements, clearly expressing or responding to instructions; have a certain international vision, and be able to communicate and exchange in a cross-cultural context.(10)communicate:

(11)Project management:Understand and master chemical engineering management principles and economic decision-making methods, and can be applied in multi-disciplinary environment.

(12)Lifelong learning:Have the consciousness of self-study and lifelong study, have the ability of continuous study and adaptive development

Graduation destination:

Chemical engineering and technology department plays an important role in the people's livelihood economy of many countries. It is the basic industry and pillar industry of many countries. The development speed and scale of this department have an important impact on all sectors of the economy and society.Chemical engineering and process specialty is one of the engineering specialties with the largest demand for social talents (Chemical Engineering Specialty ranks third as engineering specialty demand).In the United States and other developed countries, chemical engineering and technology is one of the best employment prospects and the highest salary.

The chemical engineering and technology department of Guangdong University of technology, as a national characteristic department, has an average employment rate of 97% in recent years, of which 92% are employed in the Pearl River Delta.Some graduates are employed in energy, chemical industry, light industry, daily chemical industry, medicine, food, environment, materials, cosmetics, coatings, adhesives, inks, ceramics and other industries and relevant departments, such as Guangzhou petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical, Guangzhou analysis and test center, Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Libai group, Danzi group, Guangzhou Longqi, Huizhou entry exit inspection and quarantineThe Bureau, Huizhou Aobao group and other enterprises are engaged in engineering process design, technology development, production management, raw material procurement and product sales, chemical product testing, inspection, management and scientific research.

Due to the emphasis on the combination of theoretical basis and experiment, undergraduates are encouraged to enter the scientific research team as soon as possible, and students' extensive scientific research interests and solid experimental basis are cultivated. The proportion of graduates who choose to continue their studies is also increasing year by year. A large number of students have been sent to the university or to famous universities at home and abroad (such as the University of California, South Florida State University, JapanKyoto University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, etc.).

Contact person: Ma Yufei (020) 39322202

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