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Food science and Engineering


(1) What do you study in this major?

This major aims to cultivate students with correct value orientation and high sense of social responsibility, systematically master the basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills in the field of food science and engineering, be familiar with professional frontier technology, have innovative consciousness and practical ability, and be able to engage in scientific research, technology development, quality control and production management in food production, processing, circulation and food science and engineering related fieldsTo meet the needs of social, economic, scientific and Technological Development in Guangdong.

Professional core courses include: Food Chemistry, food technology, food nutrition, food microbiology, application of food additives, food machinery and equipment, organic chemistry, biochemistry, etc.

(2) What is the future of this major?

Food industry is a traditional people's livelihood industry, a pillar industry of the national economy, and an important driving force for China's rapid economic growth (in 2018, food industry enterprises above Designated Size created 7.9% of the main business income with 5.7% of the national industrial assets). It is also one of the three traditional pillar industries in Guangdong Province. There are more than 2000 food enterprises above Designated Size in Guangdong Province, including pastry, soy sauce and carbonic acidThe output of beverage, juice and juice beverage ranks first in China. The GDP of food industry in Guangdong Province is maintained at about 10% all year round, and the professional development prospect is broad.(3) What are the characteristics of Guangzhou University of technology?

The program is designed in accordance with the international engineering education mode, fully implementing the three engineering education concepts of "student-centered", "achievement oriented" and "continuous improvement", and pays attention to the cultivation of students' ability and quality.This major adopts the "characteristic and personalized" training mode, with 3-year concentrated theoretical classroom learning + 1-year practical teaching. The major establishes teaching practice base and R & D base with many well-known enterprises. It can also join tutor research team or "brand innovation and entrepreneurship pre training platform" - Xiangpiao three innovation (production University Research) mass innovation platform to replace one year of multi-mode practical learning.

(4) What is the status (ranking) of this major in China or in the province?

The specialty of food science and Engineering in Guangdong University of technology was founded in 1993, which is one of the earlier majors. So far, more than 2500 students have been trained.In recent ten years, the specialty has developed rapidly, especially in the direction of "deep processing of spices", "food safety of cereals and oils", "edible natural products", etc., which has great influence in the province and even in China.In response to the call of national mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the discipline has distinctive characteristics in college students' innovation and entrepreneurship. It has established the "Xiangpiao three innovation" mass innovation space, with three provincial R & D and entrepreneurship platforms and a municipal science and technology service platform.At present, our school's food science and engineering specialty is the second major in Guangdong Province that has passed the self-assessment report.(5) What is the employment situation of this major?

The employment prospects of students are broad, and the employment areas are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. They are mainly engaged in product development, scientific research, design, teaching, quality control, certification and production management in various food, beverage, nutrition and health care products, testing and certification, quality supervision and other enterprises and institutions or scientific research institutions.The employment agencies include the food and drug administration, customs, entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau and other administrative departments, such as Coca-Cola, Kangshifu, unlimited, Haitian flavor, YIHAI KERRY, Xu Fuji, SGS, arrow, international flavor, Kerry and Bo Wei Jia and other multinational companies and listed companies.In the past three years, the employment rate of undergraduates majoring in food science and engineering has been around 99%, and the employment rate of graduates in this major has reached 100% in 2016.

(6) My major, I speak for you

"Although we have learned to cook, we are not cooks!As a first-class discipline, food science and engineering has the characteristics of interdisciplinary penetration. The course is based on chemistry and covers many disciplines such as physics, microbiology, materials, construction, machinery and management.There is no lack of physical and Chemical Sciences, and there is no lack of grinding iron drawing. All kinds of subjects fully meet the aspirations of younger teachers and sisters for science and engineering.When we enter the food laboratory, we study how food is produced, how it is kept fresh and how it deteriorates; when we visit a food factory, we learn about the design of food production technology, the selection of production equipment, and the management of production line; when we open food books, we understand the guidelines of food engineering, laws and regulations of food industry, and the future development of food industry.This major allows us to re-examine the old saying "food is the most important thing for people". We should re-examine the existence of a can of fruit pudding on the supermarket shelf, a bag of raw meat in the refrigerator, and even a grain of rice in the rice bowl.I think you'll like this major. "(Yu Bingying, 2015, majoring in food science and engineering, does not need to take an exam to study for a master's degree in Guangdong University of Technology)

"Food science and Engineering" fully implement the teaching concept of "combination of theory and practice", and pay attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability and quality.Professional and many well-known enterprises to establish teaching practice base and research and development base.During the internship arranged by the school, students can get access to excellent corporate culture and management knowledge, be familiar with the job responsibilities and engineering procedures of engineering and technical personnel, and acquire the preliminary knowledge of organization and management of production; work and study together with workers and technical personnel to cultivate good morality of loving specialty, loving labor and abiding by organizational discipline.Moreover, students are exposed to the advanced production technology of modern enterprises, understand and preliminarily master the production process, process equipment, technical and economic indicators, consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge learned, and cultivate the ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems.At ordinary times, the experimental operation and theoretical study in school is to lay a foundation and seek direction for students to engage in scientific research, technological development, quality control, production management and other work. It is highly consistent with the actual production of enterprises and has a high degree of fit.The combination of theory and practice is the advantage of this major and the school running characteristics of Guangzhou University of technology! "(CEN Yiwu, a national defense student of grade 2015 majoring in food science and engineering, served in a military unit in Yunnan)

I studied food major in Guangzhou University of technology with a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. On the one hand, I made full use of the University's large-scale instrument platform and scientific research resources to improve my professional quality. With the help of my tutor, I engaged in scientific research. I published 14 academic papers, 5 invention patents and 3 utility model patents. On the other hand, I made full use of the school's innovation and entrepreneurship resources, combined with my own in foodWith the help of teachers, we have gained a lot of honors. We have cultivated our comprehensive quality and business thinking. At the same time, we have also made our mind more mature.The food industry itself is a popular industry. From the field to the packaging, to the logistics, and then to the dining table, the food science and technology innovation runs through the whole industry chain of the food industry, and also makes the food industry a sunrise industry.Innovative food technology companies can always be sought after in the capital market, and food talents with innovative entrepreneurial ability are also welcomed by the talent market.(Wei Hao, 2012 food science and engineering major, co founder of Guangzhou Xiangsi Xinqing Health Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Fudi Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

"The people are the foundation of the country, food is the first, safety is the first, quality is the foundation, and honesty is the root.Food industry is the foundation of our country and the source of life.You are the pillar of our country, the backbone of our nation, the talents of the society, and the hope of the nation! "Zhang Zhenhua, general manager of Huizhou Fangdi food additives Co., Ltd., class 2, food science and engineering, Grade 2003

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