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Progress in preparation and application of transition metal oxygen (sulfur) compounds in Key Laboratory of clean chemistry technology in Guangdong Universities


The Key Laboratory of clean chemistry technology of Guangdong universities headed by Professor Yu Lin has made progress in controllable preparation and application of transition metal oxygen (sulfur) compounds.Since 2018, he has published 10 papers in Chemical Engineering Journal, electronic Acta, organic chemistry frontiers, applied surface science, Journal of solid state chemistry, ceramics international, Journal of nanoparticle research, collagen and surfaces a, particle, etc.

It was published in the Chemical Engineering Journal entitled "enhanced catalytic performance by oxygen vapor and active interface originated from facile reduction of"The paper of OMS-2 (first author: Associate Professor Sun Ming, corresponding author Professor Yu Lin) focuses on the regulation of oxygen vacancies and active interfaces of MnO. By treating MnO with reducing agents, more oxygen vacancies and active interfaces are created, thus effectively improving the catalytic combustion performance of the catalyst.So far, the paper has been cited 8 times.22

"The art of balance: engineering of structure defects and electrical conductivity ofα- MnO for oxygen reduction reaction" (first author: Dr. LAN Bang; corresponding author: Professor Yu Lin), published in electrochemica Acta, focuses on the defect and conductivity balance of electrocatalytic materials.In recent two years, the regulation of oxygen defects has become a hot spot in the field of electrocatalysis. However, for the electrocatalysts with excellent performance, the defects are important, and the conductivity can not be ignored. Our research results with MnO as an example show that when the number of defects increases, the conductivity will decrease due to the damage to the crystal structure, which will have a negative impact on its performance. Therefore, only when there is a gap between the twoAt equilibrium, the oxygen reduction performance is the best.22

Heterostructure materials play an important role in catalysis or electrocatalysis."Controllable synthesis 3D hierarchical structured" published in organic chemistry FrontiersMnO@NiCoOand In the paper "its morphology dependent activity" (first author: Associate Professor Sun Ming, corresponding author Professor Yu Lin), two morphologies of heterogeneous composite materials were synthesized on the basis of manganese oxide nanowires, and the morphology dependent catalytic combustion performance was investigated.224

The crystal form control and transformation of manganese oxide are the basic problems in the field of manganese oxide preparation.Published in Journal of solid state chemistry, entitled controlled synthesis of tunnel structured manganese through hydraulic transformation ofδ- MnO and their catalytic combination of dimethylThe paper of ether (first author: he Binbin, graduate student; corresponding author: Professor Yu Lin), studied the conversion between layered manganese oxide and two kinds of tunnel manganese oxide and their catalytic combustion performance.22

Published on applied surface science entitled "3D hierarchical structures MnO / C: a highly efficient catalyst for purification of volatile organic compounds with visible light"Carbon coatedε- MnO was prepared and its performance of gaseous phase degradation of toluene under visible light was studied, which provides a useful reference for the photocatalytic degradation of VOCs at room temperature.22

Automobile exhaust catalyst requires that the carrier still maintain a high surface area under severe working conditions, which has been a difficulty in catalyst research.Published in Journal of nanoparticle research, entitled "a composite material with CEO zronanocystalines embedded in siomatrices and its enhanced thermal stability and oxygen storage capacity" (first author: Dr. Yang runnong; corresponding author: Professor Yu Lin), the traditional CE Zr solid solution was modified by SiO to maintain 165℃after 1000℃agingThe specific surface area of M / g and the oxygen storage capacity of 468μmol / g indicated that the catalyst had better support potential.22222

Since 2008, the clean chemistry technology team headed by Professor Yu Lin has focused on the controllable preparation of transition metal oxygen (sulfur) compounds and their heterogeneous catalytic and electrocatalytic properties. The materials involved in the research include MnO, nicoo, Nicos, FeO, FeO and so on. Preliminary statistics show that more than 50 papers have been published, and the total number of citations is more than 850.The papers cited are as follows:224242334

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