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Organic optoelectronic materials and functional polymer team in the field of organic phosphorus / sulfur functional molecular synthesis


2018In 2004, Associate Professor Chen Qian and Professor Huo Yanping of the team of organic optoelectronic materials and functional polymers of the College of light industry and chemical engineering made important progress in the synthesis of organophosphorus / sulfur functional molecules, and developed a variety of new green and efficient synthesis methods for important small organic molecules.Compared with the traditional methods, this kind of reaction is easy to operate and the reaction conditions are very mild, and the use of transition metal catalysts and strong oxidants and other environmentally unfriendly reagents are avoided.For example: 1) a novel DDQ promoted C (SP) - H phosphorylation method was developed, which realized the functionalization of allylic and benzyl C–H bonds without metal participation,3) phosphorylation of 3-diarylpropene and oxaanthracene compounds; 2) development of a green and efficient method for the synthesis of thiosulfonates, the first report of the addition reaction of sulfonyl radical with disulfide; 3) development of a new reaction of methylene insertion of sulfur sulfur bond, the method uses acetone as methylene source, and skillfully uses decarboxylation reaction to realize the mild conditions of diGreen synthesis of acetals.3

The research was supported by "Guangdong science and technology program" (2015a020211026; 2017a010103044), Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of functional molecular engineering (2016kf07) and "Guangdong University of Technology Youth hundred talents program" (220413506).

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