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Wang Tiejun


Wang Tiejun Professor Wang Tiejun

College: tutor of doctor / Master student of College of light industry and chemical engineering

Position: Dean of College of light industry and chemical engineering

Research interests: bioenergy, energy and environmental catalysis, fuel chemistry, low carbon technology

Contact information: Tel: 020-39322237 Fax: 020-39322237

Personal introduction: Wang Tiejun, male, born in September 1972, is a high-level talent. He is a member of the biomass energy committee of China Renewable Energy Society and the Chinese director of Denmark's c3b0 biofuel program.More than 190 SCI papers have been published in the International Journal of Energy Chemistry and catalysis, of which 118 papers were included by the first author / corresponding author SCI and cited more than 3000 times.Five books have been compiled.26 invention patents have been authorized, including 1 U.S. patent and 1 European patent.

Study and work experience:

1990/09–1994 / 07, Bachelor of chemical engineering, Hubei University of Technology

1994/08- 1997 / 07 research and development of energy saving wall materials by assistant engineer of China new building materials company

1997/09–2000 / 03 master of chemical engineering, South China University of Technology

2003/01–2005 / 12 doctor of Engineering Thermophysics, University of science and technology of China

2000/04–director, research laboratory, Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, June 2017

2004/03–visiting scholar of JSPS, Toyama University, Japan, 2004 / 04

2007/06- 2008 / 06 public visiting scholar, University of Western Ontario, Canada

2009/09–2009 / 11 visiting scholar, Royal Swedish Institute of Technology

2012/04–visiting scholar, Tokyo Institute of technology, July 2012

2017/07High level talents of Guangdong University of Technology

Awards and honors:

1.Young and middle-aged leading scientific and technological innovation talents in the "innovation talent promotion plan" of the Ministry of science and technology

2.Leading talents of science and technology innovation of "special support plan" in Guangdong Province

3.United Nations Industrial Development Organization "blue sky Award"

4.Second and third prizes of science and technology of Guangdong Province

Presided over the research projects:

1."Laser Raman biomass gas analyzer", a major national instrument project, was 2.08 million yuan

2.Nsfc-nrct project "basic research on biomass catalytic pyrolysis oligomerization to produce high quality vehicle fuel", 1.2 million yuan

3.State funded general project "Research on conversion of biomass hydrothermal aromatization to high octane fuel and energy quality control mechanism", 860000 yuan

4.Nsfc-jsps project of nsfc-jsps "mechanism research on Catalytic Synthesis of higher alcohols from biomass in aqueous phase", 200000 yuan

5."Cellulosic bio aviation fuel technology", a leading innovative talent project of Guangdong special branch plan, 800000 yuan

6.Key project of state fund "basic research on hydrothermal conversion of biomass into high quality fuel", 3.56 million yuan (participated)

7."Biofuel program" of c3bo project in Denmark, 150000 DKK

Presided over the closing project:

1.The National 863 Program "catalytic synthesis of bio aviation fuel from biomass in aqueous phase" was 8.21 million yuan

2.A major international cooperation project of NSFC "basic research on the synthesis of advanced liquid fuel by full component catalytic synthesis of biomass hierarchical depolymerization" was 1.98 million yuan

3.The National 863 Program project "new technology of biomass gas oxygen reforming and transformation based on fuel synthesis" is 800000 yuan

4.National 973 project project "basic research on Catalytic Synthesis of liquid alkanes by carbohydrate derivatives", 6.77 million yuan (participation)

5.The general project of the state fund "Research on the mechanism of biomass gas reforming and adjusting in structured porous catalytic medium", 360000 yuan

6.The general project of the state fund "study on the mechanism of sonochemical upgrading of functional acidic ionic liquids", 320000 yuan

7.National fund youth project "mechanism research on Purification of biomass gas by pulse corona catalytic coupled reforming", 250000 yuan

8.Us Boeing project "cellulose bio aviation fuel", US $750000

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