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Introduction of Li Chengchao's scientific research team


Cheng Chao Li is currently a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry, Guangdong University of Technology. He received his PhD from the School of Materials Science & Engineering, Hunan University in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Taihong Wang. From 2008 to 2012, he was supported by CSC to conduct his research on nanomaterials synthesis and self-assembly as an exchange PhD student in Prof. Hua Chun Zeng’s group at the National University of Singapore. His research interests include the design and preparation of inorganic micro/nanostructures and their applications in energy storage such as lithium/sodium/zinc ion batteries, supercapacitors, and Li–oxygen batteries.

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Education and work experience

2002.09─2006.06 Hunan University, B.S. degree

2006.09─2008.06 Hunan University, M.S degree

2008.09─2012.10 Hunan University/National University of Singapore, PhD

2013.02─2016.06 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Post-doc


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Yang Yang received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in 2009 and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Chemistry from Xiamen University in 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Jinbao Zhao. He is currently an associate professor at the Guangdong University of Technology. His research focuses on advanced electrode materials, high-safety lithium-ion batteries, and in situ characterization techniques.

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Education and work experience

2005.09 ─ 2009.07 Northeastern University, Applied Chemistry, B.S. degree.

2009.08 ─ 2013.06 State Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources, Assistant researcher.

2013.09 ─ 2018.07 Xiamen University, Applied Chemistry, Ph.D. degree.


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Minghui Ye is currently a lecturer at the School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry, Guangdong University of Technology. He received his PhD (2018) at the Beijing Institute of Technology and then engaged in post-doctoral research from 2018–2019 at Hanyang University, Korea. His research interests focus on exploring advanced energy storage materials (e.g., carbonous materials, alloy nanocomposite anodes, transition metal oxide cathodes) for high-voltage and high-energy-density lithium/sodium/potassium batteries.

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Education and work experience

2008.09 ─ 2012.07 Henan Normal University, B.S. degree

2012.09 ─ 2018.07 Beijing Institute of Technology, Ph.D degree

2018.08 ─ 2019.08 Hanyang University (Korea), Post-doc

2019.09 ─ Up to now Guangdong University of Technology, lecturer


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Yufei Zhangreceived her Ph.D. degree as a cocultivation student by Inner Mongolia University and Nanjing Tech University under the supervision of Prof. Wei Huang and Prof. Xiaochen Dong. During 2015-2017, she studied in at Nanyang Technological University as an exchange student. She works as a lecturer in Guangdong University of Technology since the end of 2017. Her research focuses on the novel synthesis of functional nanostructures materials for energy-related applications.

Education experience

201209-201707 Nanjing Tech University, Inner Mongolia university Ph.D. degree; Supervisor: Prof. Huang Wei, Prof. Dong xiaochen

201509-201704 Nanyang Technology University, CSC sponsored cultivated PhD; Supervisor: Prof. Qingyu(Alex) Yan

201609-201502 Exchange student, Singapore University of Technology and Design

200809-201206 Bachelor, Hainan Normal University


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